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H3 Traduções

A H3 Traduções

We have a team of experienced and highly prepared professionals to meet all your needs. As such, we focus on delivering the excellent execution of our services, always strictly complying with the agreed deadlines, and ensuring the confidentiality that every document requires. We offer all the required structures to host various projects, whether large or small, always meeting the demands in the best way possible with competitive pricing.

Our Mission

To offer translation in several sectors to facilitate communication between different languages, with the commitment to meet all the necessary criteria to achieve high quality work and the full satisfaction of our customers

Our Vision

To be recognized as a reference in the translation sector for our quality and agility in delivering our projects, aiming to offer a solid and lasting relationship with our customers and partners.

Our Values

H3 Traduções' main pillars are:

  • Commitment: offer competitive advantage with outstanding work and high satisfaction for our customers;
  • Agility: commitment to meet deadlines, while still ensuring the quality of the document, working in an agile manner so that your objective is successfully achieved.
  • Connection: cultivate good interpersonal and commercial relationships to maintain trust and credibility from both sides, thus ensuring a solid relationship.

H3 Traduções is a Specialized Company in Technical and Sworn Translations


We are a company that started focusing on documents and today we serve our clients with a diversified range of services, from technical translation to sworn translation and even interpretation, supporting your event with audio and all the equipment needed for simultaneous interpretation.

Personalized Customer Service

24/7 business support, directly in contact with your account manager. We meet your demands, even the urgent ones, without losing our quality seal, offering several communication channels, such as email, WhatsApp and phone.


We are backed by a vast network of professionals specialized in specific areas such as chemical, pharmaceutical, legal, marketing, and engineering areas, among others.

End to End

We take care of your document, from translation to presentation before specialized bodies, such as: Consultation via Apostille and CDT via registration.

We have a team of experienced and highly trained professionals to meet your needs.

We focus on excellence in the execution of our services, always strictly complying with the agreed deadlines and guaranteeing the confidentiality that every document requires.

With competitive prices, we offer all the structure necessary to welcome your projects, whether big or small, always meeting your demands in the best way.

Our Team

  • Luciano Modesto

    Luciano Modesto

    CEO + Owner

    As the CEO of H3 Traduções, he is the person responsible for managing the company and all its assets, creating guidelines, defining goals and investments. For that, he is backed with more than 30 years of experience of work in this market, where he has worked as chief financial officer in several multinational enterprises across the country.

  • Henrique Castanho

    Henrique Castanho

    managing member

    Founding creator and oldest member of the company, he is the person in charge of our headquarters.

  • Erick Silva

    Erick Silva

    commercial manager and co-founder

    His role is to manage the entire commercial and project departments. In addition to being responsible for the company's Business Plan, he is an executive board member of the company and heads the commercial team.

  • Hemerson Brito

    Hemerson Brito

    Accounts Analyst

    Responsible for all support, both for clarifying any doubts and for fulfilling customer demands. Besides that, he manages a large client portfolio, acting as a bridge between H3 Traduções and our partners.

  • Kauã Romão

    Kauã Romão

    Commercial Intern

    His role is to support the commercial team, paying a lot of attention and dedicating himself to our customers and sales team.

  • Russane Lourenço

    Russane Lourenço

    Project Analyst

    Leads the direct contact with our team of translators, analyzes all information flow related to translation works and their respective translators. He is also the one committed to allocating, directing, and delivering all documents we receive.

  • Alexia Sousa

    Alexia Sousa

    Project Analyst

    Alongside the translation team leader, she is the one who commands our entire translation and proofreading team, and thus is the one in charge of every detail of the translation, from its origin to delivery to client.

  • Leticia Lopes

    Leticia Lopes

    Translation Intern

    She is responsible for reviewing all translations done by H3 Traduções. Carefully watching over the quality and seeking perfection in each job

  • Marcio Moreira

    Marcio Moreira


    In charge of the entire logistics structure, from pick-up of original documents to delivering them to competent bodies and to our customers. He is committed to transporting all projects with great responsibility and priority, respecting the availability and urgency of our partners.

  • Rose Parra

    Rose Parra

    Tax Manager

    Leading member of the legal department, she is the one in charge of the company's legal commitments and obligations, reporting tax matters to the government and our partners.

  • Cesar Aparecido

    Cesar Aparecido


    Responsible for the company's entire accounting statement, in addition to the billing cycle, supporting the entire HR department with legal information on labor legislation.

  • Cristiane Fredegotto

    Cristiane Fredegotto

    Financial Manager

    Administrates the entire financial department, in addition to managing all investments and the company's financial flow. She is also the person responsible for budget elaboration and providing the board with business information, thus assisting in decision-making.

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