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About us

H3 Traduções is a Specialized Company in Technical and Sworn Translations.


Our Mission

Facilitate communication between different languages.

Our Vision

To be recognized for the quality and agility in the delivery of our projects.

Our Values

The main pillars of H3 Traduções are: the commitment to meet deadlines guaranteeing the quality of the document, in an agile way, so that its goal can be successfully achieved.

We have a team of experienced and highly trained professionals to meet your needs.

We focus on excellence in the execution of our services, always strictly complying with the agreed deadlines and guaranteeing the confidentiality that every document requires.

With competitive prices, we offer all the structure necessary to welcome your projects, whether big or small, always meeting your demands in the best way.

Our Team

  • CEO

    Luciano Modesto


    President of H3 Traduções, responsible for managing the company and all its assets, creating guidelines, setting goals and investments.

    With more than 30 years of experience in the market, where he served as CFO in several multinationals throughout the country, he now integrates and leads our team.

  • Sócio diretor

    Henrique Castanho

    Managing Partner

    Founding, creator and oldest member of the company, he is the person responsible for our headquarters.

    After a trip abroad where he experienced difficulties with the documentation, he returned to Brazil with an idea in his suitcase, a company where people found all services in one place.

  • Co-fundador da H3 Traduções

    Erick Silva

    Co-fundador da H3 Traduções

    Today he manages the commercial department.

    Responsible for the company's Business Plan and Executive Board member of the company.

  • Gerente Financeira

    Cristiane Fredegotto

    Financial Manager

    Responsible for managing the entire finance department.

    In addition to managing all of the investment and financial flow of the company, she is the person responsible for budgeting and providing the board with information about the business, assisting in decision making.

  • Gerente Fiscal

    Rose Parra

    Fiscal Manager

    The main member of the legal department, is the one who takes care of all the commitments and legal obligations of the company.

    Reporting to the government and our partners about all fiscal matters.

  • Contador

    Cesar Aparecido


    Accountant responsible for every accounting statement of the company in addition to the billing cycle supporting the whole personnel department with legal information on labor legislation.

  • Heitor Modesto

    Commercial Analyst

    Responsible for the direct channel to our partners, giving full support and resolving any questions or requests.

  • Gabriel Silva

    Commercial Analyst

    Analyst responsible for large accounts, directly and personally taking care of the care and needs of our customers.

    Providing full support and resolving any need.

  • Russane Lourenço

    Project Analyst

    Leading directly with our team of translators.

    Analyst responsible for the entire flow of information related to translation and its respective translators.